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About Backrooms

You won't find any scary monsters or jump scares in Backrooms Game online. Instead, your main goal is to get out of a strange building as soon as possible. Here, everything is set up in a very different way, but the mood is just as scary.

How to play 

The Backrooms Game is best for people who want a thrilling experience. Even though this game is scary and takes you out of the real world, it can help you relax well.

To win the online Backrooms Game, you need to keep your cool and pay attention to the strange things in the building and hallways. Try to find the hints and clues after the notes and signs so you can find the exit as soon as possible. Strange sounds and a dark atmosphere may make you feel uneasy sometimes, but you shouldn't be afraid of that.

If you keep your mind and eyes on your goal, you can solve any problem with a click of the mouse.

Have fun and good luck!

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