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About FNAF World

FNaF World is a fantasy RPG that will let players control any of their favorite animatronic characters in a great animated adventure.

FNaF World: Gameplay

FNaF World is known as the first official spin-off of the popular FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's) horror series. It's also the 5th game overall.
In FNaF World, there are 2 modes for players to choose from Adventure and Fixed Party. FNaF World also offers 2 different levels to opt for: Hard and Normal.

The game takes place in a world that is populated by a variety of enemies and characters from the FNaF series. They live in different biomes, such as a forest, snowy plains, a graveyard, cave systems, and more. There is also an inner dimension called the "Flipside," and within this dimension are a number of glitches that make it possible to access locations that are normally inaccessible.

More about FNaF World

There are more than 40 playable characters in FNaF World, and the game has a great soundtrack and different levels of difficulty. So, lead your team to find the source of glitches and monsters and then turn the world back into the secure haven that it was intended to be in the first place.

If you are a big fan of the FNaF game series, you should definitely give FNAF World a shot right now!

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