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What Are Horror Games

Horror games are defined as games designed to create fear feelings and scare players. These games often feature dark atmospheric settings, jump scares, and horror fiction elements like ghosts, monsters, zombies, and vampires.

Why Do People Love Playing Horror Games?

Horror games are one of the most popular game genres today. It is pretty odd that players want to put themselves in a spooky and thrilling setting that would make them frightened. The most common reason is that people want to experience danger. We can feel the adrenaline as well as the pumping of blood when we experience the thrill of danger. It can resemble the feeling when you are riding a rollercoaster. Your adrenaline is released and you will feel a kind of pleasure, even if it's pretty scary. However, the danger that comes from horror games is not real. In other words, you are not in any real danger.

Besides, these games also feature great challenges as well as difficult quests that players need to overcome. And your courage and skills will also be put to the test.

What Are The Best Horror Games To Play?

Whether you want to experience fear of what's lurking in the dark or you like the feeling of being scared out of your mind, there is an abundance of horror games out there to try. Here's a list of the best horror games that you can play:

1. Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime takes players to an old abandoned toy factory. The player takes the role of the ex-worker and sets out to return to the factory to unravel the mystery behind the team's disappearance. The player needs to solve different puzzles and use a gadget called GrabPack to progress. Upon arrival, the player will discover that the toys in the factory are alive.

2. Five Nights At Freddy's

FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's) is the title of a survival horror game that sets in a fictional pizzeria named Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The game puts players through five scary nights being a security guard and trying to defend against the animatronic characters that come to life at night.

In this game, you take the role of a night security guard for Freddy's Fazbear Pizza restaurant and you need to complete your shift from midnight to 06:00 a.m. and survive through four animatronic characters.

There are four animatronics including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. They will become mobile and homicidal at night. You are the only one in the restaurant. Each animatronic in the game has unique movement patterns that you need to learn so that you can easily notice when they are approaching.

You can use security cameras to view different parts of the restaurant and track the movement of the animatronics. However, these cameras won't cover certain places of the buildings. And in that case, you need to check by lights.

However, using these devices consume your limited electrical power. And once these devices are exhausted, you can't operate the cameras and the lights will also go out. So use them wisely.

The game is over if you are jumpscared by any animatronic character. And you will need to restart from the first night.

You must survive through five nights. The difficulty will increase after each night. And once you complete all five nights, you can unlock the sixth night with a higher difficulty. Once you complete it, a seventh custom night will also be unlocked.

Five Nights At Freddy's has stood out among other horror games because of its simple yet addictive gameplay. Players have to watch different security cameras simultaneously as well as use office defenses to keep out animatronic characters that are approaching. And that brings a truly tense experience.

FNAF main series consists of 9 games. There are also many spin-offs of the game that you can try.

3. Backrooms

Backrooms game is a horror game that will make you question your reality. You play as a person who accidentally clips through the boundaries of reality and ends up in the Backrooms, a vast and endless labyrinth of randomly segmented rooms that defy logic and physics. You have to find a way out before you lose your sanity or encounter something worse than the Backrooms themselves.

4. Granny

Granny game is a horror game that will make you feel trapped and terrified. You play as a person who wakes up in a dark and creepy house that belongs to Granny, a sinister old woman who wants to keep you locked in forever. You have to find a way to escape before she catches you and does something horrible to you. You have only five days to get out of the house, but be careful and quiet.

Granny has very good hearing and she will chase you if you make any noise. You can use various items and weapons to defend yourself or distract her, but they are scattered randomly around the house.

5. The Baby in Yellow

In The Baby in Yellow game, you play as a babysitter who has to take care of a suspicious baby who seems to have supernatural powers and a sinister agenda. You have to feed him, change him, and read him a bedtime story, but be careful not to anger him or let him escape. You will have to deal with his creepy antics and his attempts to take over your mind. It features 3D graphics, ragdoll physics, and different difficulty levels.

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