The Baby in Yellow

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About The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow is a horror game where you will take on the role of a babysitter and deal with an unruly kid. 

How to play The Baby in Yellow

The game begins with you, as a player, inside the house—a plain yet modern house. There is no one else in there except you and the baby. No photos, notes, or artifacts can be found there.

The player’s task here, as a babysitter, is to look after and deal with an odd child with unusual behavior.

For the game’s chapters and instructions, you can find them on the left side of the screen.

More about the game

The game has multiple endings. Currently, there are a total of four different endings, two of which can be achieved in Escape Mode and the other two can be achieved in Normal Mode.

The graphics for the house in the game are all done in 3D, and each room has been given careful attention to detail. The sound effects also add a creepy atmosphere to the game, and as you progress through the levels, the plot grows increasingly scary.

Are you ready to become a babysitter in The Baby in Yellow? Want to give it a try now?

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