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About Granny

In Granny, you, as a player, will be locked in Granny’s house. And your mission here is to get out of her house and try not to let her catch you.

A brief description of the game

Granny is a popular indie horror game developed by DVloper as a spin-off to the Slendira series. In this horror game, players will wake up in a dark room at Granny’s house with just a flashlight to light the way and have to find a way to leave this scary house.

Always be cautious and silent. Granny can hear everything.

You can stay hidden beneath beds or in wardrobes, but always make sure that she does not notice you are there. There are also weapons in the house that you can use to defend yourself against scary Granny. It will slow her down for quite a short time.

More about Granny

There are 5 different levels of difficulty for players to choose from, including Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme.

In the Practice mode, Granny will not be present, and you will have the flexibility to experiment with new things without having to deal with significant obstacles.

To play Granny, you’ll have to use arrow keys to move and other keys like H (to hide), O (to drop objects), D (to escape from Bear Trap), etc.
Players have 5 days to complete the mission. Are you ready to face challenges and make your way to freedom?

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