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About Badland

Go on an exciting adventure through the strange and dangerous world of Badland, where the idea of a deserted place takes on a thrilling meaning.

How to play

Use the mouse or computer to guide the creature through the tunnels. To flap the creature's wings, click the left mouse button or press the space bar. With each flap, the creature gets taller. Let go of the button to quickly go down. The goal is to get the monster to the end of each cave and an escape tube safety.

The scrolling screen, falling rocks, and buzzsaws are all environmental risks. If the creature gets caught in the moving screen, it goes back to the level it was in. Things in physics, like gravity and motion, affect how the creature moves. Gather glowing things that can change their size, grow, or affect how they interact with their surroundings. You need these powers to get to different parts of the levels.

Have fun and good luck!

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