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About Dream

Dream is a scary adventure game where you start your journey in a dream. Do a deep dive into your mind, where every corner holds a surprise scary thing. Dream is an exciting psychological horror game for brave players, with its strange environments and scary puzzles.

How to play

The mouse clicks are the main way to control the game. Ghostly items and creepy puzzles that you need to solve to move forward. Remember that every choice you make affects the game and can lead to different endings. As you move forward, face the fears that are hiding in your mind.

Tips and tricks

Don't rush; take your time and look around this nightmare world. You can find important hints everywhere. Remember that dreams aren't always what they seem to be, so go into puzzles and tasks with an open mind and a willingness to change your mind.


  • Psychological fear experience that is captivating
  • Puzzle-solving mechanics in the game
  • Different options that lead to different stories
  • Beautiful graphics with dreamlike scenery

Have fun and good luck!

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