Granny's Mansion

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About Granny's Mansion

In Granny's Mansion, you are locked up in a creepy house with a scary grandmother. Stay living.

How to play

It won't be easy to get where you need to go to escape. Get ready to solve tricky puzzles, find your way around the dimly lit house, and stay away from the mean old lady.

Use the WASD keys to get around. Use the E key to interact with things. Pressing F will make your surroundings brighter. The G key opens the camera so you can look around and solve puzzles, and the R key starts the game over. If you need to, press L to lock your mouse.

It's best to be quiet during this game. For your safety, don't make noise that could make Granny run toward you. There are clues all over the house that you need to pay close attention to to escape. Remember that timing is everything.

Have fun and good luck!

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