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About Grimace Shake Backrooms

Are you ready to enter the scary world of Backrooms and meet one of its scary residents? Welcome to the Grimace Shake Backrooms! You will end up in a never-ending maze with blood-red walls and hazy yellow light. There will only be a lot of hallways that lead nowhere, and the terrifying screams of Grimace Shake will follow you.


How to play

Grimace is a McDonald's mascot that changes a cute kid's friend into a scary monster. He'll search every room for you. If you see monsters appear at the end of the tunnel. Run immediately. As far as possible. You will only be able to survive in that manner. Find out what's going on and figure out what the secrets are that are hidden in the maze-like hallways that are lined with blood-red wallpaper and dim lighting. Do everything you can to stay alive and get out of the room. Look for hints in hallways that are set up similarly.


Mouse - overview
W, A, S, D/Arrow keys - move
E - interact
Shift - run
Tab - pause

Be careful not to get caught.  Because if you do, you lose and have to start over.

Have fun and good luck!

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Horror Games

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