Siren Apocalyptic

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About Siren Apocalyptic

Siren Apocalyptic is a fun adventure game where you are taken to an island full of monsters. You must kill all of the monsters and get back home safely.

How to play

In this scary game, you'll have to deal with the murderous people who live in the town and set up cameras to watch what they do. Aside from that, kill every monster, especially Siren Apocalyptic. The scary Siren Apocalyptic is a terrible monster on the island that makes loud screams.


  • To shoot and do more, LEFT-CLICK.
  • To zoom in, RIGHT CLICK.


  • To move, press the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D.
  • To jump, press THE SPACEBAR.
  • To see the map, press TAB.
  • To get back to the menu, press ESC.

Have fun and good luck!

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