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About The Classrooms

The Classrooms is a horror game that takes players into the creepy depths of a closed-down school, where every classroom could be scary.

How to play

You have to find your way through the school's confusing hallways and classes. The layout changes for each repeat, so no two experiences are the same. Keep an eye out for things, hints, and strange things that could help or hurt your progress.

Take a video of what you find with your camera, but be careful—not everything is what it seems. There are things that lurk in the dark, and each one has its own way of working and acting. You'll need to learn their habits and change to fit them in order to stay alive.

With the new proximity voice feature, you can use your voice to connect with the game world. Be careful, because loud noises can get the attention of dangerous things, which can reveal where you are and put you in great danger. However, using your words in a smart way could also help you stay alive by distracting or controlling other things.

Have fun and good luck!

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