The Creature in My Dreams

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About The Creature in My Dreams

A short first-person horror game called The Creature in My Dreams takes you through the twisty scenes of your own nightmare. 

How to play

Your dream today will take you back to a very early age and remind you of your worst fear as a child. Through the door glass, you'll see a huge shadow move into the hallway. It's not likely to be the parents because you would have heard their door open. We need to go look around...

Either go to the living room right away and turn off the TV that is on, or get a screwdriver from the kitchen and then go to the room. The screen will not show interference, but a picture of the hallway, and you will see something coming into the house. It's a scary thing! Sneak through the kitchen vent and then make your way to the main vent upstairs.

Have fun and good luck!

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