Zombies Outbreak Arena War

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About Zombies Outbreak Arena War

Zombie Outbreak Arena is one of the best games where you have to shoot zombies.

How to play

You are in the dark, and your gun and flashlight are the only things that can help you kill all of the zombies. Make sure to look around carefully, because zombies can easily come up from behind you in the dark. Be careful, because the level is full of different kinds of zombies that are out to get you. Try to stay alive as long as you can on five different levels: the Cross Road, the Train Station, the Maze, the Park, and the Road. You can play during the day, or you can try to stay alive at night with your flashlight and get 25% more XP. When you level up, you get skill points that you can use to buy new skills and upgrades for your health, ammo, flashlight, and other things. There are 40 skills that can be unlocked. Move around a lot and look for nice power-ups and strong weapons that appear on the map. Power-ups like night vision, a shield, or bullets that explode, as well as weapons like a machine gun, shotgun, or sniper, will help you stay alive longer. There are many weapons and power-ups to get, so try to stay alive long enough to get them. Turn up the volume to hear the great music, and get ready to survive.

Have fun and good luck!

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