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About Bou's Revenge

Bou's Revenge is a new take on the cute mobile game hit, where taking care of the alien pet Pou takes on a darker tone. People who play the game are put in a 3D world where everyday places become stages of mystery and tension, turning the fun into a terrifying nightmare.

How to play Bou's Revenge

At first, Bou's Revenge goes in a similar direction, using familiar features to give players a false sense of security. Some of these tasks become darker as the game goes on, though. What starts out as a normal feeding session can quickly turn into a nightmare as Bou's needs become more strange and upsetting. Players are always on edge, wondering what will happen next, because of this slow change.


Puzzle parts and other important items must be found in order to get into locked rooms and figure out how Bou died. During this process, Bou and other demons will present obstacles and threats to the player. Players can move forward in this scary story by exploring and getting involved. Being careful and having quick reflexes are important for life and success.


As in Bou's Revenge, the controls are simple: the WASD keys control movement and the right-click button handles exchanges. But that's as simple as it gets. The E key and the middle mouse button have important and strange jobs that players will only learn about as they go deeper into the game's scary story. These controls become necessary to get through Bou's increasingly strange tasks, which mix the obvious with the impossible to keep players interested and scared.

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