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About Bullet And Cry In Space

Play Bullet And Cry In Space, a horror-themed first-person shooter game aboard a dark spaceship for the ultimate excitement.

How to play

Take on an exciting journey as you make your way through the strange passageways of a spacecraft. Realistic visuals and powerful audio effects will make you feel as though you're imprisoned in this horrifying environment. You must battle for mankind and solve the mysteries of the abandoned ship as you navigate through the horrifying creatures that lurk in the shadows. As you explore the sinister mysteries concealed within the spacecraft, get ready for thrilling combat and terrifying moments.


Diverse & Atmospheric Environment: Venture inside the spaceship's many atmospheric settings, which range from dimly lit hallways to foreboding chambers that are brimming with mystery and suspense.

Easy and Fun Story: As you advance, discover the secrets of the abandoned ship through an engrossing and absorbing plot that develops. Explore the spaceship's past to discover the sinister realities that lie there.

Play an intense action shooter game where you must fight off waves of powerful opponents in a heart-pounding fashion. Use your armory of weapons to your advantage to unleash the fury of those hiding in the shadows.

Have fun and good luck!

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