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About Chipollino Another Story

Chipollino Another Story is an adventure game for kids that is full of exciting things to do. Chipollino, the brave main character, goes on an exciting run through a world that is full of life and movement.

How to play

Join the brave main character, Chipollino, as he takes them on an exciting run through a world full of traps and obstacles. The game offers an exciting journey where young heroes must use quick reflexes and smart moves to help Chipollino stay alive longer, get higher scores, and avoid dangerous obstacles.

Use your keyboard or the tools on the screen to make Chipollino run and jump. Help him avoid traps and get over things that are in his way. If he gets hurt, make sure he gets blood to help him heal. Don't forget that the game ends when Chipollino's life runs out.

How well you time your jumps could mean the difference between getting hurt or falling into a trap. Always keep an eye out for blood pickups to get your health back. Also, keep an eye out for changes in the surroundings to see what dangers might be coming.

Have fun and good luck!

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