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About Dead Faces : Horror Room

Dead Faces: Horror Room is a free 3D horror game that you can play on the web. It mixes collecting objects, solving mysteries, and building suspense. 

You play the main character who is stuck in a strange building where scary things are happening all the time. Your goal is to get through the environment, use hints to find hidden items, and beat each level while fighting fear.

How to play

Look around at your surroundings: Keep an eye out, because hints and hidden items can be cleverly hidden.

To solve puzzles, pay attention to what's going on around you and any clues or signs you come across. These will help you find the exact items you need to move forward.

Keep an eye out for things that you can connect with by pressing the E key. These things could be very important for getting out of the room or solving problems.

Face your fears: the mood is meant to be unsettling, so be ready for scary situations and disturbing images. To get through these problems, stay cool and focused.

Complete every level: You can move on to the next level by carefully navigating the surroundings, solving puzzles, and gathering the things you need.


  • Move: W, A, S, and D
  • See: Mouse
  • Pick up or interact: E
  • Switch Weapons: Mouse Wheel
  • Reload: R
  • To crouch, press the left Ctrl key.
  • Space bar to jump.

Have fun and good luck!

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