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About Fall Down Party

Fall Down Party is a simple but fun game where your goal is to stay on the stage and kill all of your opponents without falling off. 

How to play

Watch out, the timer is ticking, and parts of the platform will be raised by The Doll, so you have to move quickly to stay on a square. If you're not on the right part, you will be eliminated.


Intense fight Dynamics: Fight with well-known characters from our games in an intense fight that was based on the exciting challenges of The Squid Game. As you try to keep your opponents off the platform and avoid being removed yourself, stay alert.

Attention: Pay close attention to the timer as it goes down. When it hits zero, make sure you're on a square of the platform so that you don't get kicked off when The Doll raises some parts of it. To survive, you need to have quick reactions and know where to stand strategically.

Interactions with Opponents: Watch out for your opponents as they try to knock you off the stage. You'll get a lot of money when you beat an opponent, which will increase your chances of winning the game.

Power-Up Collectibles: Look out for different things that show up on the platform. Getting these things will give you important points that will raise your rank among the other players and improve your chances of winning.


Move around in the game and connect with the platform by using your mouse. Plan your moves carefully to stay on a square while The Doll lifts some parts. Get rid of your opponents by pushing them off the platform, but try not to get pushed yourself. Get items that give you power-ups to raise your score and move up the leaderboard.

Have fun and good luck!

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