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About Granny 3

In the first-person horror game Granny 3, your goal is to get out of a scary house in five days. 

How to play

Solve problems to try to stay alive in the house and find a way to get out.

The controller on the bottom left of the screen lets you move from side to side. To connect with things, tap the right side of the screen. You might not always be able to touch or pick up something, so make sure you touch the thing you want to pick up. You can crouch to find things on the ground or to avoid making noise. Combine your moves to find the best way to get around the house.

The grandmother won't be by herself on this trip. There will be scary helpers for her who will come after you if you make the smallest sound. Don't take any wrong steps, or you'll get a bad shock.

Have fun and good luck!


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