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About Groomy Island

The new horror-survival game Groomy Island is 3D and terrifying. Survival and collecting 10 "Grimace Shake" shakes across the creepy, vast island are your goals. You must save the character from this dangerous place.

How to play

Your character's location will appear on screen while you explore the island. Control your hero with the keys. Search the island for specific items to help you get home.

Follow the light to your first shake and explore the island's dark, abandoned regions. The little map will let you explore the dangerous terrain and avoid the island's dangers before finishing your objective. This thrilling new adventure challenges you to survive and overcome your worries.

Expect creatures along the road. Avoid capture by running and hiding. Your hero will die if the monsters capture him, ending the Groomy Island game. Keep an eye on the MiniMap for island navigation.


  • Try your luck with this fun sports-themed pinball game!
  • Controls are easy to use.
  • Get access to your characters
  • Completed some tough stages successfully.

Have fun and good luck!

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