Hungry Lamu

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About Hungry Lamu

You should read Hungry Lamu, which is a strange story about an animal that is hungry and needs to be fed.

How to play

You're going to tell some very scary things. After Lamu destroys everyone he meets on his way, the hero finds that the world has changed around him. It used to be a bright park, but now it's a dark, dangerous place. Even the hero's appearance is changing. Lamu is starting to look more like a person. He starts to look around this scary area with the help of a flashlight and finds a campsite. He realizes all of a sudden that he knows the guys who are staying here. Lamu continues to look around until he finds the first dead body. Soon, more people will come. He starts to realize that all the fruits he destroyed before were not fruits at all.

Have fun and good luck!

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