Killer Escape 2

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About Killer Escape 2

Getting out of The Surgery and making it through the nightmare experience is all you have to do in Killer Escape 2.

How to play

When the game starts, you have to look around "The Surgery's" bloody floors and creepy hallways for hints and a way to get out. Look around, interact with things, and look for secret items that might hold the key to freedom for you. Even the smallest thing could lead to a breakthrough, so keep a close eye out for anything that doesn't seem right.

There are many tasks and riddles in Killer Escape 2 that you need to solve in order to move forward in the game. Some of these challenges could be figuring out codes or moving things around in the world to get into new places. Get past each obstacle and move on to the next part of your escape by using your reasoning, intuition, and ability to solve problems.

Have fun and good luck!

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