Killer Escape 3

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About Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3 is a scary adventure game that puts players in a dark world where they have to use their brains to stay alive and get away from a crazy serial killer.

How to play

You are once again stuck, this time in a nightmare asylum full of horrible creatures and traps set by the crazy killer. To stay alive, you have to find your way through the asylum by solving puzzles, finding clues, and escaping traps that will kill you.

Every choice you make counts as you try to outsmart the killer and get away with your lives, whether it's reading secret messages, moving items, or beating your enemies.

The game also has more than one finish, which makes it fun to play again and again because the choices you make during the game can lead to different results. This gives the story more meaning because you have to think carefully about what you do and how it will affect others.


Have fun and good luck!

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