Let's Find Larry

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About Let's Find Larry

Welcome to a brand-new independent adventure game with lots of scary and exciting parts: Let's Find Larry.

How to play

The players are put into a lively world they need to discover after a short introduction. You are given a simple task: you need to find Larry. Your first place is a green park, where you see the person you need right away while they are walking. Larry is an old friend of yours, but you haven't seen him since school. You thought the guy would be happy to see you, but he doesn't seem to be. He speeds up and avoids even a small chat. Even though it seems odd, you need to finish your task. So you keep running after him through the city's busy streets.

Players discover an animated world with beautiful scenery, interesting characters, and hidden clues. Accessible through an easy-to-use point-and-click interface, you can change the surroundings, find different things, and solve puzzles that help you move through the story. Everything about the story gets strange as it goes on. Use your sharp thinking and ability to observe to make complex connections between all the facts you were able to show. It has enough tricky turns to surprise even the best players.

Have fun and good luck!

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