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About Maere

Maere is a short, experimental horror game where you try to sleep in a room that seems to be haunted. Close your eyes and don't think about the ghosts.

How to play

You are trying to get some sleep in this game while in a scary room. But, what do you know? There are ghosts in the area!

You should close your eyes and not look at those scary ghosts to stay safe. But be careful! If you get too scared, your fear level will rise a lot. Can you sleep through the night without having really scary dreams? Let us find out!

Use the arrow keys to look around the room.

Close your eyes and hold the space bar.

Open your eyes and let go of space.

To close your eyes, press and hold the space bar.

DOUBLE-CLICK to open them.

Don't worry too much; close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Have fun and good luck!

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