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About Nick Scary Brawl

In Nick Scary Brawl, a lot of your favorite characters are back together. These people are here to fight each other for fun.

How to play

All you need to do is confront your opponent and win. To do it, you'll need to move quickly and strike an unprepared opponent.

Selecting a character is the initial step in this game. Choose carefully, since you will have a vast list at your disposal. Every hero should be thoroughly examined. Once you've decided, just click on the option you want, and the battle will start!

To move, use the left and right arrow keys; to jump, use the up arrow; to attack, hit the spacebar. To make a run in either direction, double-tap the ones on the right and left. You can use a special attack by pressing the Z key once the energy bar is full.

Have fun and good luck!

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