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About Nightmare Kart

Nightmare Kart is a kart racing game in which you will be thrown onto twisty tracks in a world full of dark horror.

How to play

Even though Nightmare Kart looks scary, the basic way to play is pretty standard. You will race against other people on different tracks, and you can use power-ups to get an edge and stop your opponents. There are, however, some delightfully dark turns in Nightmare Kart.

In Nightmare Kart, each car has its own design, as well as its own pros and cons. Pick the one that works best for the way you race and your plan.

During the race, you will meet many different animals. By killing these creatures, you not only clear your path, but you also briefly go faster.

Getting past the nightmare's bosses is important for getting to the next level and finding out what happened.

Have fun and good luck!

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