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About Out of Power

In the scary game Out of Power, you play as an electrician on your first job and have to find your way around a dark building.

How to play

You are a mechanic who has to fix the power in a scary, dark building. Your main goal is to fix the wiring but watch out for some lines that can cause supernatural things to happen. The setting of the game is meant to make you feel scared and tense because every step could lead to something strange and surprising. Stay away from the hallway at all costs, and use your skills to finish the job even though it's scary. The gameplay mixes puzzle-solving and scary elements to make a unique and exciting experience.

Moving your figure around the 2D building is easy; just use the arrow keys or the joystick. Carefully go through each room and hallway, paying attention to your surroundings and any possible risks that might be hiding in the dark.

Have fun and good luck!

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