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About Pacxon

Pacxon is like Pac-Man but with a twist. You don't eat pellets as you move through a path; instead, you build a wall that fills the screen as you move.

How to play

Controls Pac-Man, who has to make walls and fill in empty spaces to take over parts of the screen. The goal is to fill up a big part of the screen by making these walls while staying away from the ghosts that are roaming around. The goal of the original "Pac-Man" game was to eat dots in a maze while avoiding ghosts. In PacXon, the goal is to carefully build walls to claim territory. The game gets harder as you move through the rounds. When the ghosts are after Pac-Man, they move faster and get smarter, which makes the game harder. To get past the ghosts, players must carefully navigate and use both speed and planning. To win this game, you need to have quick reactions and plan carefully.

Have fun and good luck!

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