Pizza Tower

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About Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is a fast-paced 2D platformer game that was inspired by the Wario Land series. It puts a lot of focus on moving around, exploring, and getting high scores.

How to play

In the mobile game Pizza Tower, the player controls Peppino Spaghetti as he makes his way through each floor of a tower. Each of the tower's five floors has four levels and a boss, except for Floor 5, which has three levels and a boss. Each level has five Toppins, which are little animals that look like pizza fixings, that are stuck.

The player has to set them free to get the money and points they need to get to boss rounds. The player must find Gerome, the cleaner, and bring him to the front door. So that it can open the door behind which each level's hidden treasure is kept. Most levels also have three secret rooms with quick tasks that give you more points and make it easier to finish the level.

  • Z – PLAY/Select/Jump
  • Arrow keys – Move/Ladder
  • X- Charge
  • Up + Z – Highjump
  • Down while falling – Freefall

Have fun and good luck!

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