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About Pokedoku

The puzzle game Pokedoku is like Immaculate Grid, but it has a Pokemon theme. In 9 tries, you have to pick the right figure to solve this 3x3 grid.

How to play

The game's goal is to put the right Pokemon in all 9 spots.

You only have 9 chances to guess, so make your picks carefully! There is no room for mistake.

There is more than one right answer. For example, if the box is between Fire and Fighting, you can put Blaziken, Infernape, or any other Pokemon that is both of those kinds.

Tips to win

  • Types of Pokemon will always take up the first two columns and three rows.
  • In the third column, there is a special group that can include Pokemon from different areas, legendary Pokemon, and more.
  • When an area is a category, you have to choose a Pokemon that comes from that region.
  • In a separate section, you can find Legendary, Mythical, and Ultra Beast Pokemon.

Have fun and good luck!

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