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About Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a first-person survival horror game developed by MOB Games.

Poppy Playtime: Gameplay

In Poppy Playtime, players will take on the role of a former employee of Playtime Co., a toy-making company. You, as a former employee, revisit Playtime Co. (which is now an abandoned toy factory) 10 years after its employees’ disappearance.

The player then quickly finds out that the factory is full of toys that are alive and hostile toward them, and immediately begins looking for a way to get out of the place.

Throughout the game, the player will need to solve numerous puzzles, some of which require the use of a device called the GrabPack, in order to progress while avoiding a number of enemies. You will also need to collect tapes all around this toy factory.

More about Poppy Playtime

And it’s important to note that the GrabPack is nothing but the most helpful item in the game. You can utilize it to conduct electricity, which will help you get through the many puzzles. It's also an interesting way for the player to grab items that are far away from them.

One more interesting thing is that Poppy Playtime features great character movements as well as detailed and realistic graphics.

Poppy Playtime is considered one of the greatest horror/puzzle adventure games in the year that it was released. Do you want to try it now?

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