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About Poppy Strike

Poppy Strike is a 3D shooting game with a gun game mode with a lot of weapons and the famous Dust 2 map, which is full of huggy wuggy.

How to play

You have to kill all the Huggy Wuggies that come at you to stay alive until the end of each round. They are your enemies. The game takes place on the well-known Dust 2 map, which is famous for having a very complicated plan and style. The map is full of different corners, hurdles, and paths, which makes it fun for players to figure out how to get around. The Huggy Wuggies are spread out across the map, and players need to find them and kill them before they get too close. To move on to the next level, players must try to make it through each round alive. If they do, they will be given new, stronger tools to use.

Have fun and good luck!

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