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About Poppy Strike 3

Poppy Strike 3 takes players to a dark world where they have to fight monsters and keep track of supplies like food, medicine, and ammo.

How to play

You will have to get through different levels, each set on a different CS map. You have until the timer runs out to kill all the Huggy Wuggy monsters that are hiding before they kill you.

Put staying alive ahead of an all-out attack. Use the landscape to your advantage and look for good places to stand up to the Huggy Wuggy attack. Remember that you get new, stronger guns for staying alive, not for killing a lot of people.

The game is easy to use. You can move your character around the map with the keyboard, and you can aim and fire with the mouse. To move forward, you have to make it through each wave of Huggy Wuggy. As you do, you'll unlock new tools that are stronger. Each round that goes well brings a tougher crowd.

Have fun and good luck!

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