Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

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About Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie. You went to an old factory that used to make toys to find the mysterious Poppy Doll. You have 5 days. But be careful around Huggy Wuggy!

How to play 

In this game, you will end up in an old toy factory for your friend Poppy Doll. You can do one of two things, though. In escape mode, you can go on a journey in the toy factory to find your friend. To solve the puzzle and find your friend, though, you need to find a few things. Also, watch out for Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy, because they will try to kill you. When you find Poppy Doll, you can play the shooter mode to get back at Huggy and Kissy for taking your friend.

Escape Controls:

  1. W,A,S,D to Move F to Interact/Hide/Use Item
  2. G to Drop Item
  3. T to Unhide Escape to Pause
  4. C to Crouch 

Shooter Controls:

  1. W A S D to walk around
  2. Mouse to Look around
  3. Left Mouse Button to Fire
  4. Right Mouse Button to Aim
  5. Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
  6. G for Grenades
  7. R to Reload
  8. F to Pickup Items
  9. Left Shift to Run
  10. Left CTRL to Crouch
  11. X to Prone
  12. V to Melee
  13. Space to Jump

Have fun and good luck!

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