Pursuit Of Hat

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About Pursuit Of Hat

Pursuit of Hat is a logic game where you have to figure out how to throw the parts and get past different blocks.

How to play

In each level, you have to use your imagination and ability to think of solutions to get the character past a range of dangers and hurdles. Every task, like getting through tight spaces, turning on switches, or avoiding dangerous traps, gives you a chance to think of new ways to solve the problem.

The [arrow] keys will let you move and jump around the hills as you look for your missed hat. If you press the [spacebar], one of your limbs will come off and land in front of you. Luckily, it's just the right weight to turn on those switches that are spread out. If you gnaw enough, you'll turn into a bouncing ball, which is great for getting into caves with low ceilings. [Down] will put your limbs back on your body, and [R] will start over. To beat the game, you need to find all 20 hats.

Have fun and good luck!

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