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About Slenderman

Slenderman is a horror game where players will wake up in a wooden cabin that is in the very middle of the woods. And a friend told you that there's a monster with a blurred face and thin, long legs haunting the forest.

How to play Slenderman

Does this plot sound interesting to you? Are you ready to find out whether your friend is right?

Since the forest is so dark at night and you are unable to see anything, you need to use your flashlight. Don’t forget to use it if you want to see all the things in front of you.

In this game, your mission is to collect 8 pages that are hidden in different places around the forest. Well, collecting all the pages will help you reach the end of this game and may also let you solve the mystery.

More about Slenderman

The game contains a very scary feature. As a player, you will always find yourself lost among the trees while looking for clues about the monster haunting the forest. You have to find all 8 pages hidden in the first. But be cautious because the monster can appear at any time.

Slenderman: Do you want to check out this game now? Be careful and don’t let the monster catch you.

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