Slope Unblocked

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About Slope Unblocked

Roll the ball down the slope as far as you can in the arcade game Slope Unblocked, but be careful not to fall off the edge or hit any objects that get in your way.

How to play

You are in charge of a ball that rolls down a steep slope in Slope Unblocked. Your job is to steer the ball to the right or left, avoid obstacles, land exactly on each stage, deal with constant acceleration, and have a great time. Your goal is to beat your own record. The ball will roll faster as the game goes on. 

There will be many things in your way that you need to quickly get around. Once your ball hits something, you'll have to start over. You will lose all of your points. Figure out the best way for the ball to roll so that it doesn't hit any red blocks. Fear flying outside the base as well.

The graphics are simple, the tasks are hard, and the game is a lot of fun! The route is randomly generated, so all the inclined platforms, accelerators, obstacles, and tunnels are different each time. This makes it even harder, so each person has to focus on getting through it.

Have fun and good luck!

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