Stone House Orphanage

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About Stone House Orphanage

You can play the part of a skilled reporter named Mitchell Jones in the game Stone House Orphanage.

How to play

More than ten kids have been reported lost in the last few months. People were angry that the cops weren't doing anything, so they turned to reporters.

You must look into things by going to a shelter. Sister Maria is a nun who runs the home where you will meet her. With her by your side, you can look around the house and see how the kids are managed. First, take a look around the hall. The nun will not open the closed doors until she has talked to you.

After that, you'll go to the kitchen, where kids' food is being made. If you taste the stuff in the big pot, you will feel sick right away. Sis. Maria will be kind and let you rest on one of the beds in the kids' room while she puts your camera on the table. You will find out the horrible home secret as soon as you lie down to rest.

Have fun and good luck!

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