TrollFace Quest: Horror 1

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About TrollFace Quest: Horror 1

The game Troll Face Quest Horror looks easy, but it's not. It has a simple point-and-click control system, so all users have to do on each level is click on different objects and characters.

How to play

In each level, you have to click on the right object to solve the puzzles, just like in the other games in the series. You can play this game with a mouse. You can play up to 16 different levels. When you start, you can only play the first level. As you solve puzzles, you will be able to play the rest. You'll meet a lot of different characters as you go through the levels, from fierce Gremlins to Samara. When you're on a level, you can solve it by clicking on different things. You have to use different combinations sometimes. On some levels, you need to click over and over on the same thing.
To find the answer, you can click the "Hint" button at the top of the screen.

Have fun and good luck!


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