You Are Being Watched

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About You Are Being Watched

In You Are Being Watched, you have to go through all the rooms, solve puzzles, and try to collect everything you find.

How to play

Your mission is easy but scary: stay alive and get away from this unseen being. Explore the building's many rooms, figure out tricky puzzles, and collect necessary things to get into new areas and find the secrets they hide. But be careful, because as you go further, the entity gets more hostile. Its presence grows stronger, and its attacks become more constant.

As you walk, the stress builds, and the air gets heavier with a force you can't see. What looks like dancing and twisting shadows are playing tricks on your mind and making you feel even more uneasy. You need to be smart, clever, and brave to get out of this haunted building before the thing that's after you does.

Have fun and good luck!

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