5 Nights At Monster School

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About 5 Nights At Monster School

You'll be on guard duty at the Monster School for five nights in 5 Nights At Monster School. At night, Minecraft's teacher Hirobrin comes to visit.

How to play

This game takes place in Monster School, which is full of well-known Minecraft monsters like Herobrine, Creepers, Zombies, and more. These monsters are planning to break into the school and cause chaos. It's your job to keep everyone safe and make it through five difficult nights.

You can use the mouse to switch between the six cameras, each of which shows a different part of the school. When you see the monsters coming, press the red button to set off the warning, because if they get too close, you lose.

Tips to play

There are six security cameras set up around the building in different rooms and hallways. You should keep an eye on them. Since the evil master, Herobrine roams the halls at night, you need to do everything you can to catch it.

Have fun and good luck!

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