A Small World Cup

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About A Small World Cup

The sports game A Small World Cup is fun and hard to put down. You choose a team and play as a player on it. To win the game, you have to beat each opponent one by one.

How to play

The game takes place in a small soccer event and has fun, unique features, cute ragdoll characters, and easy-to-use controls. The player has to take charge of a doll and score a goal against the other team.

You can join any team you choose. You can pick your favorite national team from the best teams in the world, such as Brazil, France, Argentina, and more! Put on the shirt you're always proud of and play hard to get the win. Join your favorite team, wear their shirt, and win the mini-tournament for them.

It's a soccer game, but each team only has one player who can play goalie, striker, and defense. So, whether you succeed or fail is up to you. This soccer game moves quickly and has ragdoll figures that are both crazy and cute. You have to think quickly and use the controls correctly to win.

The figures will move in a very random way. Because of this, you need to know exactly how they drive and be able to handle them in a firm but gentle way when needed. You will get one point every time you reach a goal. The most important thing is to win, so don't forget to attack and protect!

Have fun and good luck!

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