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About Basket Random

In the fantastic sports game Basket Random, you defeat rivals by accruing more points during each round. To win, toss balls into the opponent's basket!

How to play

You must clear the basket while attempting to score more points than your opponent. Your character launches the ball in the direction of the cursor whenever he leaps while holding it in his hand.

In each round, two teams will compete against one another. A two-player or single-player mode is available for selection. You and a companion can utilize the identical keyboard to play. Your free time will be considerably more pleasurable if you can invite your friends along. Strive diligently to astound your acquaintances with your prowess in pitching.

You can play alone or in team mode with your peers. Strive to leap high and engage in combat with your opponents to earn points. One point is awarded for every basket the projectile enters. The team that advances to the subsequent level first accumulates five points.

Have fun and good luck!

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