Five Nights At Candy's

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About Five Nights At Candy's

Five Nights at Candy's is a point-and-click horror game that will test your nerves.

How to play

The events happen in the same room, which is the building's command center. On each side, there are two doors. Monsters can't get in if you keep them shut, but holding them shut drains your power. The boss set up a system that turns off everything if the battery runs out. Don't let the lights go out, or the main character won't be able to defend himself. To get through the shift, you'll need to keep track of the resources and use them sparingly. Move the cursor with the mouse to look around and turn on safety measures. See how close the enemies are by watching the cameras. Stop them from attacking 5 times in a row to get to the end.

Have fun and good luck!

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