Five Nights At Shrek’s Hotel

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About Five Nights At Shrek’s Hotel

Five Nights At Shrek's Hotel is a horror but fun game where you must use all your abilities to survive five nights after Shrek's evil.

How to play

You are going into the city and find a strange and scary hotel. The main character in this game is shown invisibly from a first-person perspective. As the main character, you must survive five extremely dangerous evenings.

You are at the mercy of an angry Shrek, and all you can do is run for your life. The deformed mutant takes on various bizarre forms, and he will do unspeakable things depending on the night you were captured.

Dangerous twists and turns disguise hidden passages. The fear of confinement is very real in these halls, especially when you keep missing the secret exits. There are some surprise endings coming up, and interested players might even get a chance to slay the goblins early.

Have fun anad good luck!

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