Five Nights At The Circus

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About Five Nights At The Circus

During the eight nights of the scary game Five Nights At The Circus, players are thrown into a world where their survival skills are put to the test as they fight incredibly scary puppets.

How to play

The story of the game starts in a circus. At first, the scene seems innocent and fun, but as night falls, it becomes more scary. You play as a night security guard whose job it is to patrol the spooky circus grounds and deal with scary puppets that come to live.

Tips to play

There is a timer and an energy sign at the bottom of the game that you need to keep within the right ranges so that you don't lose.

The first room gives you access to all the video cameras in the circus. The game will teach you how to use the different parts of the circus, such as how to open and close doors, move from one room to another, and see the whole surveillance panel.

Before you turn on the cameras, you should know that the light that tells you how much power you have left will begin to dim. If it's not convenient to look at the cameras, you should not use them. As a security guard, it's your job to watch over the show, turn the lights on and off to see if anyone has come in, and make sure everything is okay. You'll have to stay up all night because the shift starts at 6 AM.

Have fun and good luck!

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