FNAF 4 Unblocked

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About FNAF 4 Unblocked

Play FNAF 4 Unblocked and make it through this nightmare in a kid's room where every sound could kill you.

How to play

The things that happen in FNAF 4 Unblocked take place in a normal kid's bedroom. A dim lamp next to the bed will light up three possible entry places. Pay attention to the scary sounds coming from the hallways. To stop the monsters from getting in, shine the light or shut the doors. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 unblocked game is an unforgettable emotional rollercoaster. The story starts in a dark room with two doors and a closet. You have to keep the bad robots from getting in so you can stay safe. To get close to a door, move the mouse cursor to it and left-click it. Depending on the case, either keep it closed or turn on the flashlight. Since there are no cameras to show where the enemies are, the main character has to depend on what they hear. Pay close attention to where the floor squeaks and people breathe.

Have fun and good luck!

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