FNAF Horror At Home

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About FNAF Horror At Home

FNAF Horror At Home is an interesting game for FNAF fans. You will play as the famous Freddy Bear and complete your missions.

How to play

The purpose of the game is to scare children until their energy bar is depleted by transforming into a scary bear.

In FNAF Horror At Home, you will play with some Freddy Bears, the famous horror bear, and have to scare children without their parents finding out. The game will end if you are detected or have not finished within the allotted 150 seconds.

The game has many levels, and you will have to refill your energy bar for hours on end.

Tips to play

  • Click the left mouse button or tap the screen to make the scare level go up.
  • If you choose this mode, the scare meter will fill up more slowly but with less danger.
  • In the Frighten Mode, the scare meter goes up faster, but there is more danger.

Have fun and good luck!


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