FNF Week 8

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About FNF Week 8

In FNF Week 8, you got to see an exciting chase scene between Nene and Pico, which set the stage for the upcoming rap fights.

How to play

For FNF Week 8 is a big deal with new songs and more of the story. It will be like a rap fight between you and Darnell, Nene, and Pico.

What is the goal? Beat him in rhythm battles to win his praise and impress your sweetheart. Just press the arrow keys at the right time to keep up with the sounds.

To play FNF week 8 FNF Online Mod on your computer, press the WASD or arrow keys. As notes get close to the fine line, you have to press the keys. The Enter key can be used to start or stop the VS week 8 Mod.

Have fun and good luck!

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